Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Churches Closing--

It was with sadness that I read the following email:

"My church is coming to a close after many faithful years. It is not a bad ending, just time for our tiny church to go in a different direction. SO, they have a ton of stuff that needs to be sold to support our missionaries, or donated to a non-profit org. It is make a reasonable offer, if you are an individual who would like to purchase. Due to established law, items can only be given to a non-profit org, individuals must purchase equipment. There is a lot of sound equipment. Please email me if you have any interest or questions about any of these items. I am sorry this post is so long."

I remember my time in Scotland and was overwhelmed by the number of church buildings being used as furniture stores and disco halls. It was sad to note that at one time they were vibrant churches proclaiming the gospel. But became irrelevant and eventually when the last aging member died out the church closed.

Why do you think churches close? Any comments?

Here is one point of importance:
"People do not remain loyal to institutions when they no longer believe in their importance. The importance of the church is essentially tied to the reality of the Gospel. When people no longer believe that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation, the church becomes a time-consuming irrelevance. " Dr. Albert Mohler

Lord, help us to continually maintain the need of a Savior and not buy in to the lie of many pathways to God. If you believe that as a pastor, then you really have no reason to exist and you probably won't exist much longer as a church!

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hunt4christ said...

I have found that people no longer see Church as being relavent or useful in their lives. People no longer see God when they think of Church. I find here in Nacogdoches that they think that churches are a place that is old and no longer able to compete with the problems they have in their lives.