Friday, October 29, 2010

20th Anniversary at The Vine Fellowship

Today marks a Vine Fellowship sponsored celebration of my pastoring here for 20 years. Little did I know when God called me to ‘pastor the people he would send me’ here in Arlington that I would be here 20 years. I am a plodder, long termer, and a finisher (probably from my marathon running days)!

As I reflected this week on this milestone accomplishment in my life and ministry, I thought of the many joys, a few heartaches, and numerous accomplishments. I do have regrets and if I had it to do over would be much wiser in my decisions and pastoring skills.

For instance, one do over was during a time when the church was packed out with new people attending every Sunday. I had been healed of ‘spinal stenosis’ in both my upper neck and lower back. I had been told I needed surgery and would never run again nor play tennis, etc. My wife had to dress me, sleep escaped me, and the pain was excruciating! But, it was the Sunday after my healing and in an overwhelming emotional response I went down to a visiting guest speaker and danced a little jig with him. The next week, a lot of those visitors were gone never to return. Guess I offended people with my celebration. (So did David when he danced before the Lord!) Go figure!

Another time was when I was talking to a member who was upset with me. I asked him to come in to see me and let’s not have this discussion over the phone. He declined and then I did a big piece of stupid by saying ‘If you were a man you would come in to see me!’ I lost both he and his wife and finally experienced their unbridled anger in my office. Ouch! (Only share these openly so you Pastors won’t do them!)

There have been heartaches that besides my loving faithful wife Debi standing by my side, I endured alone. The funeral of one of the men instrumental in my coming here, a loyal supporter and constant encourager was very hard for me. None knew of my heartache as I said goodbye to him and felt alone and now very vulnerable. Another time was when a leader moved away. He was the best encourager that I had and ‘had my back.’ It was a dark day for me when he left.

Disappointing was the fact that the church never grew to be a mega church (after all success is built on the attendance of your church, right?) I endured others who felt they could pastor the members of The Vine better than I could and unwittingly help establish other churches in the area.  Members that I had cared for through the years decided that they could find a better Pastor or church, and again I help make other churches ‘successful’ by sowing people to them.

But, God has given me many more glorious memories than regrets! I have led many people to Christ, seen marriages restored even in the devastation of adultery and bitterness, seen families healed and restored, seen members mature in their faith, helped many through the loss of loved ones, sat at the bedside of dying members, seen members pursue a calling in the ministry, seen countless verifiable healings by the power of God, have received much encouragement and support from the Vine members, and seen many volunteers serve God and this church.

He chose David his servant and took him from the sheep pens; from tending the sheep he brought him to be the shepherd of his people Jacob, of Israel his inheritance. And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them. Ps 78:70-72 NIV

Would I serve here had I to do it all over again even knowing what I was going to experience these 20 years. You betcha! I would do it without a second thought! 

Thank you Vine Fellowship for making these the best years of my life. I love you all!

(I also want to thank the love of my life, my greatest encourager, my soul mate, my faithful wife Debi for helping along this journey. I love you dear, you’re absolutely wonderful! Yes she is!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists

Poor atheist, they really don't have anything (or anybody) to sing about!

Too funny, hahahaha!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Church Planting Made Easy!

this is a great parody of our times!

 Hope you enjoy this, I did! hahaha

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Yankee Bias is Showing!

(this email sent to TBS Sports on their coverage of the playoffs)

Yep, I'm from Texas. And yes, I love the Texas Rangers and I am so very proud they are in the playoffs.

What I don't like is having to listen to the obvious bias of your sports announcers towards the New York Yankees. For the last 4 games we have been subject to disdaining remarks and no confidence on your part towards Texas as a contender for the World Series. It is as if we are not a legitimate team in comparison to the Yankees. Why can't you guys just say something positive about the Rangers without one of you making a follow up remark questioning our ability! We wouldn't be here if we weren't good and a serious contender!

One of my friends posted this comment, "These (TBS) announcers sure do sound depressed, I'm not sure who wants the Yankees to win more the announcers or the Yankees themselves!"

Another friend states concerning the bias, '"We listened to the radio announcers while we watched the game. Much better coverage." Another friend tried that but said the time lag made it hard to watch TV and listen to the radio.

So you have the coverage tied up and we have to watch you. But please, spare us the bias and cover the game and the teams fairly. You will help the game and your future as a network that we here in Texas will choose to watch or not.

Your call, please make the right one on this!

Go Rangers,
David Kerr

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Texas Room

Texas Room

Debi and I are in Scotland. We came over on Sept 27, 2010 to spend a late vacation with friends and a ministry we support here in Scotland.

The picture above is the Texas Room at the Overtoun House in Dumbarton, Scotland. It is run by our friends Bob and Melissa Hill. We decorated this room with things we brought over from Texas.

The Texas Room along with other rooms will help in the vision for the ministry:

Care for Young Mothers
Specifically we will be providing care for young mothers in crisis with a residential facility, which
will include nurturing, and training for life. These services will be comprised of training in life skills such as mothering and childcare, health and hygiene, job training, conflict management, and social responsibility. Our hope is to prepare them for their future life within the broader community and equip them to be responsible citizens. Local churches will help provide caring structures to ease their transition back into the community.

Women in Crisis
We will also provide for the short term care of abused women within our community in support of the current social work programmes. This would, in effect, be an emergency based provision
of love and care, as well as protection for these women while they await sheltered accommodation provided by the local authority. These facilities will house both the women and their children. It is our hope to work alongside local churches and social work to provide continuing support for these women within our communities.

The Vine Fellowship is delighted to fund and equip this room to be a place where the needs of women and young mothers can be provided.

Thanks to Bob and Melissa for the opportunity to provide for and serve this great ministry.