Monday, December 07, 2009

Open Letter to Lou Dobbs and all Government Officials

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), a grassroots immigration enforcement advocacy organization, is withdrawing its support for Lou Dobbs' possible presidential bid after the former CNN anchor and commentator told a Spanish language television network that he now supports amnesty for illegal aliens. During his long tenure at CNN, Dobbs became a champion of the pro-enforcement cause. But is now signaling a change!

Here is the email I sent to Lou Dobbs and is open reading for any government official about the current ineptness of the immigration system! You bet I am frustrated as it has now been 5 months that Lina is in Costa Rica!

I saw your interview with Bill O'Reilly and was impressed. However, all that has changed with your support of amnesty for illegals.

My son married a Costa Rican in January of this year. They set up their home here in Texas. On returning in July from visiting her parents, she was denied entry into the US because she was coming in on a tourist visa. Now that she was married, she is an impending immigrant thus needs that visa. Who knew? She was sent back to Costa Rica where she has remained for these 5 months. My son has made numerous trips back and forth. We have a lawyer and are awaiting the proper paperwork and visa to be issued.

We feel we are being penalized by trying to do things the right way and yet more and more people are entering illegally and you want to encourage that. My understanding is that with amnesty for them they would be moved to the head of the line and my daughter-in-law would be pushed further back in her pursuit of a Visa. This is unconscionable and not right! The immigration system is terribly broken and penalizes those who are trying to do it right.

You need to check your facts about all this before you blindly endorse amnesty! Please don't accept illegals at the expense of those of us who obey the US laws and try to do it the right way!

David Kerr

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