Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hunt For Tennis Shoes!

All I wanted were new tennis shoes to replace the ones I had worn out by kicking my racquet. A pair of Reebok Club C, the same brand and style I had been buying annually for the past 15 or 20 years of racquet-kicking.

So I go to the sporting goods store in the mall and ask the young employee where the tennis shoes are located.

“Did you want, like, cross trainers, power trainers, speed trainers, zone trainers, interval trainers, treadmill cross tra ...”

“Like, tennis,” I interrupt.

“Tennis trainers?”

“Tennis shoes,” I explain. “I’m way past the training stage.”

“You mean, like, shoes you play tennis in?”

“That’s pretty much what I was thinking I’d use them for,” I agree. “Although I might wear them for walking the dog once in a while.”

“I don’t think we have any shoes just for tennis. But I can check to see if we have dog walking shoes.”

None of the other 30 or 40 sporting goods stores in that mall have tennis shoes for tennis, either. So I go outside the mall to a huge sporting goods store that is part of a national chain.

The store has dozens of athletic shoes on display. There’s one entire wall filled with golf shoes and another with basketball shoes priced just right for anyone who recently has won the lottery or received a government bailout. The selection of tennis shoes, on the other foot, consists of two, neither of which is the model I want.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to find tennis shoes these days. Maybe it’s because all those boomers who used to play tennis now have had hip replacements, which has forced them to give up athletics entirely and turn to golf.

And part of the problem may be that tennis doesn’t spend millions of dollars promoting its shoes the way basketball does. If Maria Sharapova endorsed whatever shoes she wears, I’m sure they would become best sellers.

Then again, it’s possible that Maria Sharapova doesn’t even wear shoes when she plays; all I’ve ever never noticed about her is her major attributes, such as her backhand and her topspin lob.

Whatever the reason, I finally give up the search for tennis shoes in sporting goods stores and go home to look for them online.

My first search leads me to a site that sells table tennis shoes. The Killerspin Kinetic shoes, the site declares, were “designed by a team made up of engineers and world-class table tennis athletes” and are on sale for $45.

Another search takes me to a site that offers Bridal Sneakers Wedding Shoes, which apparently are an actual product, although you never can be too sure with the Internet.

According to the site, the shoes come in all heights and the “color works well with both white and ivory dresses.”

The four-inch heel wedding sneakers cost $139.95, but have “a plasticized finish durability.” I’m not sure why wedding shoes have to be durable.

Eventually I locate my Reeboks online and now my tennis shoes are in the mail.

While I wait for them to arrive, I’ll pass the time trying to find a pair of tennis shorts.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Childhood Debt-

Out of the mouth of babies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pet Fish--

A Cajun was stopped by a game warden in Southern Louisiana recently with two ice chests of fish, leaving a bayou well known for its fishing.

The game warden asked the man, "Do you have a license to catch those fish?"

"Naw, ma fren, I ain't got none of dem, no. Dese here are my pet fish."

"Pet fish?"

"Ya. Avery night I take dese here fish down to de bayou and let dem swim 'round for a while. Den I whistle and dey jump rat back inta dis here ice chest and I take dem home."

"That's a bunch of hooey! Fish can't do that!"

The Cajun looked at the game warden for a moment and then said, "It's de truth ma' fren. I'll show you. It really works."

"Okay, I've GOT to see this!"

The Cajun poured the fish into the bayou and stood and waited.

After several minutes, the game warden turned to him and said, "Well?"

"Well, what?" Said the Cajun.

"When are you going to call them back?"

"Call who back?"

"The FISH!"

"What fish?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Really Does Matter?

A short video that won the VFS and YouTube “What Matters to You” Scholarship Competition. Written, directed and animated by Christopher Harrell.

How about you- what are you doing with your life?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Too Much Whining!

In a nation where it is all about me, my wants, my needs, my happiness... most of what one hears is whining and complaining. Bad attitudes abound at home, in the church, at the workplace, ...well everyplace where there are discontented whiners!

These photos speak volumes about attitude:

Now stop your whining - get a grip - enough already!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reverse Racism?

I am not a racist, never have been nor am I now!

I don't need Former President Jimmy Carter telling me I am:
"I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he's African-American," Carter told NBC News. "I live in the South, and I've seen the South come a long way, and I've seen the rest of the country that shares the South's attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans."

"That racism inclination still exists, and I think it's bubbled up to the surface because of belief among many white people -- not just in the South but around the country -- that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It's an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply," Carter said.

Excuse me, just because I do not agree with President Obama's legislation and standards does not make me a racist.

And to all my African-American pastor friends - quit stirring the pot - we whites are trying to move on, but you won't let us - quit throwing the 'past' in our faces. How many more apologies do we white pastors have to make in the 'reconciliation process?'

We are now experiencing 'reverse racism' in this country thanks to the liberals and President Obama.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Contentious Society and Church

Ever notice how much contention and fighting is going on around you? It's as if this has become a national pastime. Whether it is politicians pitted against one another, or political parties dissing the other, or talk radio churning out the truth, it is a war of words and tempers. It seems everyone is angry at someone.

Contentious- exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes.

'The contention became so sharp… they parted from one another… Barnabas took Mark and sailed to Cyprus; but Paul chose Silas' (Acts 15:38-40 NKJV)

And it is even in the church! In fact if you challenge some contentious people about their attitudes they will often quote the above verse and say Paul had his contentions. It's as if this verse sanctions contention.

Well, excuse me! I don't think God nor Paul were pleased with this contention. God being God, His plans will not be thwarted by big pieces of stupid on our part. He was able to forward His plans in the midst of Paul's contention, flesh and stupidity!

Pr 13:10 Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice. NIV

Pr 13:10 Arrogant know-it-alls stir up discord, but wise men and women listen to each other's counsel. TMB

Paul eventually saw the errors of his contention when he added more grace to his life and was not so hardheaded and determined to be right all the time. 'Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry' (2 Timothy 4:10-11).

How do we avoid contention:
1. Always give the benefit of the doubt and offer a second chance.
2. People ARE NOT you, they don't do it your way, so don't expect them to. In fact they really may have a better way, so don't make it a bitter way!
3. Don't focus on their negatives but look for their strengths and positives.
4. Don't devalue and demean another.
5. Do not speak evil of another. Strive to give a good report.
6. Remember contention comes by pride, either theirs or yours.
7. Admit it, you just may be wrong, it is possible you know!

Next time you are experiencing contention stop looking at the other person and check your own heart and see if it is full of pride- pride breeds contention!

Listen, people scare me who enjoy fighting and being contentious all the time. I stay away from them! The Church needs harmony and unity, not infighting!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

life = risk

failure never need be final - unless you want it to be and let it be!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sign of Gay Times-

Ben and Jerry's has changed the name of one of its best-selling ice creams to Hubby Hubby, in celebration of the legalisation of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont. Selling it this way for month of September.

Hmmmmm, how often do I eat Ben and Jerry's? NEVER!