Tuesday, February 23, 2010

History Made! at the Vine Fellowship

Well, it is official! We had 18 people baptized this past Sunday (2/14/10)(we had planed for 21 but a few didn’t show up). Nevertheless, history was made with the baptisms here at the Vine. It was a great time in the baptismal. It was great to see all the children and youth plus some adults following the Lord in water baptism.

Thank you for the encouraging words concerning the sermon on the Philippian jailer. He had others locked up but he himself was a prisoner to the illusion of reality. His world came shaking down with the earthquake that brought the prison walls down. That day he and his family came to know the Lord and were baptized. This sermon was a great lead in to the baptisms we were doing. Plus, we had someone come to the Lord that day! God is good!

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon was baptized in October 1994. He had won his 1st two Winston Cup races, which were great thrills; but following his baptism, he said “This is the happiest day of my life.”

Why is baptism so significant for the Christian? Baptism is a lot like a wedding ring. Baptism is symbolic of the washing away of our sins. It is also symbolic of a new way of life. It has been said that Baptism is to the Christian faith what the wedding ring is to a marriage. It is a symbol. "Like the wedding ring, baptism draws a mark on the ground between the past and the future. Like the wedding ring, it says, "From this day forward, I stand with God."


Dr Phil said...

David, Love the Phillippian Jailer. Lynn DeShazo once made a comment about the Jailer, "Prisoners are listening," and a sermon developed from her statement.

patricia said...

Great blog Pastor. We are a history making church at the Vine! Thanks for preaching it the way God gives it to you. Just what we need to hear, when we need to hear it! Last Sunday was another suoer word. Our Father is doing great things!