Friday, January 07, 2011

Your Significant Life!

I preached a sermon on ‘Your Significant Life.’ It followed the my theme of my last blog, We are here by design not accident and have an important role to play in the lives of others that only we can accomplish! I have had people give me additional information of personal accounts of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in their lives!

Joni Eareckson Tada writes: "In her quiet sanctuary Diane turns her head slightly on the pillow, toward the corkboard on the wall. Her eyes scan each photo. Every torn piece of paper carefully pinned in a row. She's praying. The creeping limitations of multiple sclerosis encroach further each year. Her fingers are curled and rigid. Her voice is barely a whisper. People might look at her and say, 'What a shame. Her life has no meaning.' But Diane is convinced that her life is significant; that her labor of prayer counts. She moves mountains that block the paths of missionaries, helps open the eyes of the spiritually blind in Southeast Asia, and pushes back the kingdom of darkness that blackens the alleys of the gangs in East Los Angeles. Diane is on the front lines, advancing the Kingdom of God.

This woman sees her place in the world. It doesn't matter that others may not recognize her significance. She is a woman of major significance influencing the lives of millions!

It's my prayer that you will discover the significance that has been yours all along as a child of the King. You may not be able to know the full meaning of every event, but you can know that every event is meaningful-and that you are significant!

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