Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From Nan, with love!

While in Pensacola last week, I had the great opportunity to celebrate my birthday (May 10th) with a great friend, Nan Weaver. She wrote the following poem for me:

Today May 10th is my B-Day and David Kerr’s
He was born a he and not a her
I know that Debbie is glad of that
For he is her cool cat.

Today is young, but he is not
I used to be in the same spot
I’m not wearing depends
But it is right around the bend
So beware my friend.

As we celebrate this day together
I trust we will be friends forever
May your day be great
So continue to celebrate!

Thank you Nan, you are an amazing woman!

Nan's book, 'Little Arms, Big Heart,' is an amazing read of how she overcame life's setbacks!

"Little Arms, Big Heart" presents the amazing life story of Nan Weaver who overcame a disability from birth and lived life to its fullest. The book is packed with inspiring stories from her life, her husband's life, and the lives of her children and grandchildren. As a strong believer she offers words of encouragement and hope to those who face difficulties throughout their lives. She writes with emotion and passion to motivate others to reach beyond their limitations and be an overcomer."

Get it from her website: http://littlearmsbigheart.com/ Or click here to get it from Amazon. I have it on my iPad2 (Kindle app)!

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Greg Nemer said...

Oh Wow!
I didn't even know Nan had a book.
Thanks for providing the links to get it.


Happy Belated Birthday