Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Self-Portrait Mania

Have you noticed the trend to take self portraits, no matter how unflattering they represent the shutterbug?  You see them posted everywhere! Well it is easy to do, it is so simple that even monkeys can do it!

To capture the perfect wildlife image, you usually have to be in exactly the right place at precisely the right time.

But in this instance, David Slater wasn’t there at all and he still got a result.

Visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, award-winning photographer Mr Slater left his camera unattended for a while.

It soon attracted the attention of an inquisitive female from a local group of crested black macaque monkeys, known for their intelligence and dexterity.

Fascinated by her reflection in the lens, she then somehow managed to start the camera. The upshot: A splendid self-portrait.

Yes, that's how easy it is to be a photographer!!!

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