Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get Stok (stoked)

Wow, for all you coffee lovers out there, found new item on my trip to NC. Stopped at a Mapco Express convenience store to get some coffee and found this sitting next to the creamers. It is Stok- a 40 mg espresso coffee shot (sweetened or unsweetened) to be added to your favorite beverage for an additional punch. (It's half of the caffeine you get in a can of Red Bull.)

Did I say it was free!

Warning label reads: Not for those under 18, pregnant, or caffeine sensitive. Limit 2 per day!

It is available only in convenience stores right now. Check 7-11 for it also. You will be able to buy it publicly in September 2007.

However, for you Ebayers, you can buy it online right now. Go to Ebay and type in Stok. I just bought a box of 100. Going to give it to the staff at the church- more productivity, right!

Here is the website for Stok.

Also, check out new link in side bar under Coffee- Death By Caffeine. They say it would take around 300 Stok coffee shots to kill a 175 lb. person. Putting that in to realistic terms, that would mean drinking a gallon of Stok. Probably not a good thing!

Here is a comment by one satisfied user: Dude I'm drinkin that stuff right now. You gotta get the Energy Coffee you can get there too and then add the shots. Dude, you start shakin and sweatin and you can't write. It's wonderful. And they're free! I love it. J├Ąger

Remember, keep the buzzzzz going!

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Jungle Mom said...

WOW! Gotta try it!