Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Report on ICA meeting last week-

I am in the airport in P'cola after attending the Globe International Board Meeting last night. Flew in yesterday afternoon, attended the 6:30pm meeting, stayed with Doug and Beth Gehman, and was taken to the airport this morning by Mike Collins.

This is a report on the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) conference that Debi and I attended last week as a guest of Bobby Hill, who is a member representing Vanguard Fellowship.

This is a group of about 500 members that is led by C. Peter Wagner. Members include Bob Weiner, John Kelly, Bill Hamon, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Che Ahn, Dick Eastman, Os Hillman, Larry Kreider, Dennis Peacocke, David Shibley, Ed Silvoso- I only mentioned names I thought you might be familiar with.

First off we attended the business meeting. After that session C. Peter Wagner stirred the pot with a teaching on Open Theism vs. Classical Theism. The premise of Open Theism is that God has an open mind and may change His mind in response to us and the surrounding events. One example would be the people of Nineveh, whom God said He was going to destroy, fasting and God changing His mind and not destroying them. It created a lot of discussion and questions.

We heard teaching and dialog on Dominion Eschatology. Basically, that the church is going to do things that will hasten the return of Jesus. It challenges the traditional view of the rapture (escape mentality).

A lot was taught on Market Place ministry, wealth and wealth building. Another session was on Israel in Apostolic Perspective. And the final session was on the local church and the changes that are occurring now.

It was an eye opening time and gave us an opportunity to see another stream in the Body of Christ and their perspectives.

With all the Apostles there, there was an incredible amount of testosterone in the air.

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Ken said...

Thats sounds interesting. Were any conclusions reached? If so I hope at some point you will post them.