Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank You For Your Overwhelming Response!

This is a second letter to the Saints at the Vine after the first letter (click here) and asking for their help as we minister to our youth. As you can see it was met with overwhelming response. Being open, truthful, compassionate, and communicating openly produces fruit and dispels gossip and misunderstanding!

Dear Parents and Vine Fellowship Members,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response when Pastor announced last week that we would need parent help during this time of transition as we look for a new youth pastor. Until we have a new youth pastor, the youth ministry schedule has been simplified and NCY is meeting only on Wednesday nights since that is the most-attended meeting. There are seven or so youth leaders who volunteered under Pastor Shaun who are still helping, but last week we asked for some parents to work with this team.

The original plan was to rotate parent volunteers on Wednesday nights, but as the MANY volunteers stepped forward to fill in the gap, we found several who have a heart to work with our youth on a more-than-temporary basis. One of the things that was mentioned in our meeting for prospective volunteers last week was how difficult it would be for parents to form relationships with the youth and youth leaders when they are only there on a rotating schedule. In light of all this, four parents (Pastor Brad, Wanda Mayo, Robyn Salinas and Randi Dumont) have been added to the current youth leadership team. This team will be leading the Wednesday night meetings. I will be meeting weekly with this team and attending Wednesday night youth service until the Lord brings a new youth pastor.

There have been a few other parents approach me this week letting me know they would be willing to help out if they can arrange their work schedule, etc. For those of you in this category, or others who have a heart to work with No Compromise Youth, we are EXCITED to see parents with a desire to minister to our youth. However, thanks to the response we've already had, we have enough parents to fill the need on Wednesday nights. If you are still interested in working with our youth, please pray with us that God brings a youth pastor quickly. Obviously we have students and a leadership team who need a youth pastor again, but it is our desire to plug in those, like you, who are waiting in the wings to volunteer.

Thank you again for your overwhelming response and for keeping our students, leaders and those looking for a youth pastor in your prayers. Pastor Rob


Pastors, continue to walk humbly and open before God and man!

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