Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Loving What You Do!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23 NIV

I like what I do, in fact, I love it! I would rather be pastoring than anything else (with the exception of being a barista :>)). Seriously, I have always told people to discover your ‘bent’ (desires, likes, job you want to do), do it, and be happy in doing it!

A big insurance company conducted a work-study, during which they discovered that 20 percent of their employees did 80 percent of the work; which meant the other 80 percent only did 20 percent of the work (by the way, this is mirrored exactly in many churches too). And they found something even more interesting - the 20 percent at the top produced 16 percent more than the 80 percent at the bottom. That doesn't mean they were 16 times smarter or more experienced. No, it just means they made a conscious decision to be the best by committing to excellence on the job.

I pray over the offering on most Sundays? ‘Lord, as we work faithfully in our jobs as unto you, may you give us bonuses, raises, and increases.’ When others are not watching you working, the Lord always is and He will reward diligent labor!

What is your work ethic? Do you respect and obey your boss? Do you work hard even when he is not watching? Does your work ethic bring glory to God? I once knew a Christian lady who kept going from job to job. When I asked her why she left so many jobs, she replied, ‘They don’t have flexible hours. None of them will work with me on that!’ Do you know what she was saying; ‘I am constantly late to work and they are harassing me!’ Well, duh, I wouldn’t hire you either! And one last thought for those of you who work in a difficult place – give your best anyway!

Bob Glass says, ‘Your work is a self-portrait of the one who does it, so, today, autograph it with excellence!’

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Christopher H. Rivers said...

There are day that I love what I do and days that I dont. I try to practive Principles over personalities but that can be hard to sometime.

David- check out my blog

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