Thursday, April 03, 2008

2008 Global Missions Conference

We just finished up our annual Missions Conference (been doing this for 18 years). I was asked by a pastor how we keep it going and get the participation of our people - my answer to him - Leadership!

We had a great time as we focused on the Heart of God for the lost. Our theme this year was 'Testify of the Light' (Jn 1:7). Our missionaries with us this year were Dirk, Elizabeth and Abigail Wood (South Africa); Craig, Michelle and Justin Logan (Philippines); Brad and Jan Thurston (Germany); Mark Ost (France); Noel Elberto (Pastor- Philippines).

The missionaries did an outstanding job in all the services. We had 'Christmas in March' giving them gifts, fun money, and a delightful Christmas meal with all the trimmings!

The picture above is our Fun Day at Alley Cats with our missionaries and our staff; and, of course, Starbucks.

Jesus said we are to go into all the world. What is it about that statement that so many churches don't get today with some even curtailing their global missions emphasis? I would hate to have to answer to our Lord for that one!

Tony Campolo once said, "You had better go to heaven with the picture of a international child that you are supporting on your refrigerator!" I might add you better have the names and countries of missionaries there also!

Let's be obedient to our Lord and fulfill His Great Commission! Pastor don't let it be your great omission!



David ... I enjoy your blog. I haven't heard the Campolo quote. Pretty good.


Pastor David said...

>trey- thanks for stopping by- this quote was made by him at our Liberty Fellowship Summer Family Conference a few years back when he was our main speaker! He got his point across with that one!