Friday, July 04, 2008


While at the Liberty Fellowship conference this week the presbytery met at the conference. A major change is occurring for me at this time, but let me say straight up that IT DOES NOT INVOLVE MY LEAVING VINE FELLOWSHIP NOR RESIGNING AS PASTOR. Let me give you the details as expressed in a letter sent to LF members by our former Executive Director Jim Darnell (with me in pic):

At our Liberty Fellowship Summer Family Conference at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina I resigned as Executive Director of Liberty Fellowship. I will turn 67years old at the end of August and feel the Lord changing our ministry…

I could not make these changes if Pastor David Kerr had not been willing to become our new Executive Director. God has always been faithful to provide the point man leadership for this Fellowship. When Brother Bill Stamp stepped back from the office of president after many years of service, Danny Tice stepped up to the plate. When Danny resigned God persuaded me to do it for three years. Now the Lord is bringing David into this responsibility.

David Kerr is a man of real character and anointing. He is a good man and a creative leader. I trust him fully. He will do a great job.

What will be my future relationship to the Fellowship? I will continue to be a faithful member attending district meetings and the summer conferences, but not as a presbyter. Beth and I love Liberty Fellowship. I will also continue to oversee those in the fellowship that I have been pastor to for many years. Also, since David Kerr is pastor of a church he will not be able to fulfill all the traveling responsibilities of the Liberty Executive Director. He has asked me to be his traveling arm of the ministry. When he can’t go do a new church building dedication, a local church Bible conference, or a church leadership training session, etc… I will go for him. I made this personal commitment to David and the presbytery.

May God continue to bless you, your family, your ministry and Liberty Fellowship. It has been my honor to serve you. Jim Darnell.

So, there you have it! I have been Administrative Director of LF for a number of years. I assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director this past week. Tammy Barch will be Executive Assistant and carry many of the responsibilities that I previously had. Therefore we need your prayers and God’s grace and abilities to faithfully perform our duties as we continue to serve both Vine Fellowship and Liberty Fellowship!


Dawn Irons said...

So glad you are not leaving us!

Congrats on your new honor!

Hugs to you and Debi...and many more prayers.


Steve Bowen said...

congrats on 37 years and new role...

Robert Pooley said...

Very cool David... you are going to rock it. Congrats!