Wednesday, July 02, 2008

News from the NC Mountains-

We are into our third day of Liberty Fellowship Annual Family Conference. It has been awesome! There are not many organizations that attempt a 'Family Conference' anymore because of the logistics, cost, and the hassle of setting up children's and youth ministries to run concurrent to the adult meetings. LF has successfully done this every year since it's beginnings! It really is a conference for the whole family ministering to the whole family.

Mike Cavanaugh is our speaker for this conference. He had flight problems on Monday and was not able to make the first meeting. So, I ended up preaching the first service- God was faithful and showed up and touched the hearts of many people.

Tuesday is always a 'family play day' and families are encouraged to do something together. We had a golf tournament, tennis, white water rafting, kayaking, shopping, eating---- great time had by all.

Mike's main theme Tuesday night was training the next generation. Challenging to us as a fellowship and the changes that are taking place with us right now.

I am up early- 4:15am - planning for the presbytery breakfast mtg, the general meeting, a LF business meeting with all the members, and then my seminar this afternoon on 'How to Handle Rejection in Ministry!' Appreciate your prayers.

And yes, I still remember that tomorrow is my 37th Wedding Anniversary to the most wonderful wife, mother, woman of God that I know on the face of this earth- I love you, Debi!

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Matthew said...

NC is a great place to be, just got back from the beach in NC, Kure Beach.