Monday, November 03, 2008

A 2008 Election Sermon-

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

Historically- pastors in this great country were involved in politics. They would give 'election sermons.' So in keeping that spirit and tradition alive, I did mine this past Sunday. This was a most critical sermon at this point in time! It was titled 'Somebody Do Something.' Those were the words of Mike Huckabees then 12 year old daughter after viewing the Holocaust museum in Israel. She wrote her name in the guest book and wrote, 'why didn't somebody do something?'

There are 60 million evangelicals in the U.S. Less than half- 29%- are registered to vote. What happened to the Moral Majority? Now, about half of that number (15%) actually voted in the last 2 elections. Think about it. 60 million votes can change an entire election! Hillary was proud of the 18 million she had....60 million! Christians should have no problems in this country...if we would just vote! How did our country get so far left? Why didn’t somebody do something? What's wrong with Christians that they are so detached from the most important civic responsibility?

Could it be that pastors feel intimidated or it is not their place to do so? We have a right and freedom to address our congregations on issues at hand. I taught on the importance of Christian values and voting according to that.

Christian values are important because they are:
1. Your anchor.
2. Your faithful friend.
3. Your compass.
4. Your basis for living righteously.

A very dramatic illustration is when I had all those born since 1972 stand. I asked all to look around. I said these standing survived the abortion holocaust since the passage of Roe vs Wade.. They are alive and with us now! 50 million plus are not!

An election is always about values! Until you know, and can clearly state the core values of your life, your decisions will be based on what's convenient, what's cheap and what's self-serving. We as Christians must refuse to live that way! Our values are clearly defined for us by the Word of God, not by some candidate, political party, or world system!

We then spent more than 30 minutes in the 'Harp & Bowl' style intercession session. Which is Music & Prayer intertwined. We had 10 people designated to pray for either our country, the elections, or our church. It was a dynamic and Spirit led prayer time!

I trust that you pastor friend encouraged your people to vote their values! Pastor, why didn't you do something? We get what we did or didn't vote for!

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