Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Thank You' to All- a shout out!

In keeping with the 'Attitude of Gratitude' post of yesterday, I want to thank...

-all my blog friends who make their way back here repeatedly, whether you make any comments or not, I appreciate your visits.

-to all my Facebook friends, some I hear from, some I don't- you are important in my life or I wouldn't have added you. Thank you for adding me. Trust the feeling is mutual.

-to the Saints at Vine Fellowship who love me, care for me, show up week after week, and laugh at my jokes occasionally. It is a joy watching you grow in the Lord.

-to Debi, my sons Ryan and Jason, Ryan's wife Charity, Jason's fiance Lina (wife Jan 31, 2009). You bring a daily source of love, comfort, encouragement, satisfaction, joy, sense of accomplishment, and trust to my life.

-to the Lord Jesus Christ who continues to touch me, change me, drawing me to Himself so that I might know Him with the eyes of my understanding being enlightened more and more to His extravagant love!

I am one thankful and blessed man!

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