Friday, August 07, 2009

Will Revival Come?

If all the sleeping folk will wake up,

And all the lukewarm fork will fire up,

And all the dishonest folk will confess up,

And all the disgruntled folk will sweeten up,

And all the discouraged folk will cheer up,

And all the depressed folk will look up,

And all the estranged folk will make up,

And all the gossipers will shut up,

And all the dry bones will shake up,

And all the true soldiers will stand up,

And all the church members will pray up,

Then you can have revival!

Did I miss anyone?

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redstarpodcast said...

Leonard Ravenhill wrote in his book, Why Revival Tarries: "The offense of prayer is that it does not essentially tie into mental efficiency. Prayer is conditioned by one thing alone and that is spirituality. One does not need to be spiritual to preach,that is, to deliver sermons of homiletical perfection and exegetical exactitude. By a combination of memory, knowledge, ambition, personality, plus well lined book shelves, self confidence, and a sense of having arrived ---- brother, the pulpit is yours almost anywhere these days. Preaching of the type mention affects men, prayer affects God. Preaching affects time, prayer affects eternity. The pulpit can be a shop window to display our talents; the closet speaks death to display.