Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leadership Checkup #2-

Much has been written on leadership. We have countless books telling us how to be great leaders. Seminars abound for training on leadership.

But so often what is missing are the hidden characteristics of the true leader. Here are some reflections that are not generally stated. What do you see in the mirror of your soul?

A godly leader speaks out of the presence of God.

The good leader attempts to make friends, not enemies.

A leader who listens well to his subordinates manages them well.

A devoted leader gives himself totally to the ones he is leading, helping them to develop their undiscovered potential.

A patient leader remembers that people’s responses vary according to their nature, temperament, and level of development.

A mature leader shows highest respect for others, irrespective of race or rank.

A weak leader retreats in the face of rising difficulties and loses the respect of his followers.

A relaxed leader relaxes his followers.

The self-righteous leader lives in a cell made of blocks of deception, hypocrisy, and lies.

A stubborn leader is a menace who cannot be trusted by his colleagues.

So, what did you see?

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Girl In a Glass House said...

Thank you for this post...the very first point made an impression

"A godly leader speaks out of the presence of God"

My father was a wonderful godly pastor and there was never a day that went by that us kids did not see him seeking out the presence of God. It was the mark of his ministry. He often despaired of the new professionalism of pastors...all suit and diploma'd up but seeking guidance for their sermons , not from God, but from the many books upon their shelves.