Friday, October 16, 2009

Leadership Checkup-

Much has been written on leadership. We have countless books telling us how to be great leaders. Seminars abound for training on leadership.

But so often what is missing are the hidden characteristics of the true leader. Here are some reflections that are not generally stated. What do you see in the mirror of your soul?

The greatness of a leader is in his humility before God, not in his eloquence before man.

A wise leader guards himself against the pitfalls of success, self-assertiveness and over-confidence.

A wise leader inspires and motivates rather than intimidates and manipulates.

A teachable leader eagerly probes for truth learned by others regardless of their status.

Responsible leaders do not make irresponsible statements.

A wise leader resolves conflicts peacefully, not forcefully.

A wholesome leader is characterized by tolerance, which saves him from hasty decisions in crisis, and retaliations in the face of contrariness.

Dealing harshly with opponents causes more aggravation and hostility. A polite leader uses gentleness and kindness.

An enduring leader withstands insult without anger.

So, what did you see?


revdano said...

WOW and WOW again!

Greg said...

Well spoken by a true leader!

Thanks for the encouraging advice!