Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Yankee Bias is Showing!

(this email sent to TBS Sports on their coverage of the playoffs)

Yep, I'm from Texas. And yes, I love the Texas Rangers and I am so very proud they are in the playoffs.

What I don't like is having to listen to the obvious bias of your sports announcers towards the New York Yankees. For the last 4 games we have been subject to disdaining remarks and no confidence on your part towards Texas as a contender for the World Series. It is as if we are not a legitimate team in comparison to the Yankees. Why can't you guys just say something positive about the Rangers without one of you making a follow up remark questioning our ability! We wouldn't be here if we weren't good and a serious contender!

One of my friends posted this comment, "These (TBS) announcers sure do sound depressed, I'm not sure who wants the Yankees to win more the announcers or the Yankees themselves!"

Another friend states concerning the bias, '"We listened to the radio announcers while we watched the game. Much better coverage." Another friend tried that but said the time lag made it hard to watch TV and listen to the radio.

So you have the coverage tied up and we have to watch you. But please, spare us the bias and cover the game and the teams fairly. You will help the game and your future as a network that we here in Texas will choose to watch or not.

Your call, please make the right one on this!

Go Rangers,
David Kerr


Tom Schlueter said...

Thank you David. But Friday night it will all be moot for the American League Champions Rangers

Larry Ranson said...

And I was thinking that they were pulling for the Rangers. One announcer really sounded depressed after the Yankees pulled ahead. I guess what they say is true. If the fans on both sides hate you, you're doing a good job.