Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Texas Room

Texas Room

Debi and I are in Scotland. We came over on Sept 27, 2010 to spend a late vacation with friends and a ministry we support here in Scotland.

The picture above is the Texas Room at the Overtoun House in Dumbarton, Scotland. It is run by our friends Bob and Melissa Hill. We decorated this room with things we brought over from Texas.

The Texas Room along with other rooms will help in the vision for the ministry:

Care for Young Mothers
Specifically we will be providing care for young mothers in crisis with a residential facility, which
will include nurturing, and training for life. These services will be comprised of training in life skills such as mothering and childcare, health and hygiene, job training, conflict management, and social responsibility. Our hope is to prepare them for their future life within the broader community and equip them to be responsible citizens. Local churches will help provide caring structures to ease their transition back into the community.

Women in Crisis
We will also provide for the short term care of abused women within our community in support of the current social work programmes. This would, in effect, be an emergency based provision
of love and care, as well as protection for these women while they await sheltered accommodation provided by the local authority. These facilities will house both the women and their children. It is our hope to work alongside local churches and social work to provide continuing support for these women within our communities.

The Vine Fellowship is delighted to fund and equip this room to be a place where the needs of women and young mothers can be provided.

Thanks to Bob and Melissa for the opportunity to provide for and serve this great ministry.

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