Monday, March 21, 2011

Neither Do I Condemn You...

Jesus said to her, 'Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?' She said, 'No one, Lord.' And Jesus said, 'Neither do I condemn you. Go. From now on sin no more'" (Jn 8:3-11)

Over the years as a Pastor I have experienced verbal condemnatory attacks by God’s ‘policemen.’ The attacks have come in many forms. They have been for the most part untrue, except where I have done big pieces of stupid which I had to humbly admit!

However, I have been where this woman was with my accusers ready to stone me. Good news, my character and integrity (and life) have withstood these attacks.

I have found that there are two kinds of people in the world:
1. Those who condemn you.
2. Those who don’t.

Those who do are the most unqualified to condemn you! I prefer to stay away from modern day Pharisees who love few things more than exposing your sin and lifting themselves up by putting you down, and I suggest that you do too!

Instead, look for friends who, too, have been lifted by God's grace and know how to extend it to others.

There is one that is better able to help in times of guilt, disappointment and condemnation! That is Jesus! He is the One most qualified to condemn you, and yet He won't! So it is imperative that we stay close to Him. By doing that you'll discover that you can recover more quickly. Your scars are not permanent. Jesus will meet you in your dark places and heal the wounds of your past because His grace is greater than your shame. There's no limit to the depth of shame He can see us through because there's no limit to the grace He can supply.

His grace super-abounds!

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