Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ten Commandments for a Mother-In-Law

Ten Commandments for a Mother-In-Law

Thou shalt love, honor and respect the new couple.

Thou shalt allow them complete independence.

Thou shalt speak only kindly and loyally about them.

Thou shalt not find fault.

Thou shalt not visit them too frequently, and never enter their home without knocking.

Thou shalt not expect them to visit you too often.

Thou shalt not give advice unless requested.

Thou shalt not mention how much you look forward to grandchildren. [Ooooops, ;>)]

Thou shalt respect their taste in home decorating, though its differs from your own.

Thou shalt petition daily the Heavenly Father, in  whose love they abide, for their happiness.

by Iola M. Irwin

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