Monday, August 20, 2007

Free 'Back to School' Backpacks-

Our friend Steve gave us the idea for this outreach to our community. (Thanks Steve)! Churches are all the time trying to get people to come to them, but we like going to them! Kinda a Jesus thing.....

So Saturday morning we headed out to a local park and began to set up for the free giveaway of backpacks loaded with school supplies. We had put out door hangers 2 weeks prior and the Vine body had been buying supplies and putting them in the backpacks we supplied them and returning them to the church.

The event began at 11:30am and people started arriving at 10am as we were setting up the bounce houses, water, Popsicles, face painting tables, registration, etc. Amazingly, they stood and sat patiently for over an hour as things fell into place. We started passing out backpacks at 11:15am.

We were touched as kids opened the backpacks there and shrieked with delight as they took out each item in the bag. You would have thought it was Christmas morning!

The hardest thing of the afternoon was to turn away those that arrived after we had depleted our supply. That will not happen next year- we will have more than enough!!

Thank you Brooke and her fantastic team! Ministry well performed!

It is great to be home and we had awesome services yesterday. Did I mention how much I love this church?


Anonymous said...

How many backpacks did you give away... and how much did you spend on this outreach? Also, what do you think the estimated turnout was?
More details please... sounds like a great idea..

Robert Pooley said...

Sorry, the anonymous comment was me...

Jungle Mom said...