Friday, August 24, 2007

My Love of Photography-

I started being a photographer in high school as a yearbook photographer. I loved it immensely. I was hooked. I built a darkroom in my parent's basement and thus began my journey with the world of creativity. My talents followed me where ever I went.

I went in to Tech Studio while a student at Va. Tech in Blacksburg, VA. I showed the owner (Paul Jewell) my portfolio of work and he hired me on the spot. Thus began my professional association with photography. After working there for awhile I applied for a staff photographer position at Va. Tech. It was a State job and I was hired for it. Loved it! A self taught young man accepted in some great jobs!

My equipment was Nikon. I still have a 35mm (that's right film?) Nikon F2 and a Nikon FE. I have 50mm normal lens, 55mm micro lens, 24mm wide angle, 105mm (all Nikon) and 28-90mm and 75-205mm Vivitar lenses. Sunpack Auto 522 flash unit. Light meter, flash meter, and various other items make up that equipment list.

I am now using a Nikon D50 Digital camera with 18-55mm Nikon lens and 70-300mm Nikon lens. I use the Nikon SB-800 flash with various Gary Fong accessories for it.

Needless to say I still enjoy photography. I have decided to share some of my pics with you from time to time. Trust that you will enjoy them. Here is my first:

I was looking out my kitchen sink window when I saw a hummingbird fly to our cannas. He drank and sped off. I remember someone had given us a hummingbird feeder but we never put it up. I rushed and got it, filled it, and hung it near the cannas. The next day something caught my eye and the hummingbird was drinking from the feeder. I rushed for my camera and from inside my house, through the window, caught this picture. I had just enough time to snap 2 pics before he sped off.

I love God's creation!


Rob said...

You need to start a Flickr account. It's more than just online photo storage, it's a place where people who love photography share their work. There is everything from point-and-shoot people like me to people like you and even those who sell their work. You post photos and people can comment on them, add them to their favorites, invite you to share them in an invitation-only gallery and lots of other stuff. There are a lot of serious photo people on there, and I bet you'd enjoy it.

jel said...

Cool pic, I love to take pictures of the hummers

thanks for sharing it!