Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where Do They Go When They Hurt?

More from Free 'Back to School' Backpacks

I heard blind Christian composer, singer, performer Ken Medema (click here and here) say one time 'that Jesus was a lover of losers.' That was early on in my Christian experience.

That has shaped my ethos, my world view as a Christian. Jesus was out among the people. He was there for them- saving, healing, feeding, touching, loving, crying, laughing! That comprised His definition of ministry. Sometimes that is so far from the reality of the Church's ministry.

These are more pics from our backpack giveaway. Please notice the Vine saints praying for Bobby (the lady in the wheelchair). The outreach was held on Saturday and that was her and her family's first introduction to us.

On Monday Bobby had a seizure, died, and was resuscitated by the paramedics. They were unchurched and where do unchurched people go for help? Guess who they called for prayer and support? That's right, they called us. Why, because we were the only 'Jesus ' they knew!

Missional - buzz word of the Church today (Oxford English Dictionary says the word has been around for almost 100 years). Actually it is the Church recapturing the life of Jesus and His ministry.

church focus - self-centered or other's centered?

Help us Lord to weigh our programs, finances, and ministry in the light of eternity and souls.

Let's get back to loving the losers and making them winners through Christ!

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