Friday, January 18, 2008

Good and Bad News for Coffee Lovers!

McDonald's is after the Starbucks crowd.

Who doesn't like a creamy, frothy jazzed up cup o' Joe? And with many of us grabbing that expensive cup of coffee daily, competitors of Starbucks are lining up. McDonald's is now promising coffee bars complete with Baristas whipping up everything from a cappuccino to a frappe.

"For the consumer it's a win-win," said coffee consultant Judy Ganes. "There's better coffee at more locations."

Ganes tracks production and pricing of coffee and says Starbucks first poached from McDonald's playbook by offering drive-thrus and breakfast and lunch. Now the roles have reversed.

"McDonald's is hoping this brewing competition will add a billion dollars to its bottom line and is also promising consumers their coffee will cost 60 to 80 cents less," Ganes said.


I had quit attending McDonald's after burning out on the 'Big Mac' after years of eating there with my family. Now it looks like I may be heading back- at least for the coffee! That is good news and a win win situation!

Now for the bad news, Ganes warns there could be a dark side to increased consumption. Despite years of rising demand, coffee producers haven't grown more coffee, leading to higher demand, higher prices and possibly even a shortage.

News flash-- we need to pray for the coffee producers! Or else I may have to move to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kenya, Hawaii, Jamaica, or elsewhere and start production! ------(I am thinking) - Nah!!!!


Ontario Emperor said...

Bless the baristas?!?

Ken said...

Well as far as I am concerned at least half the coffee drinkers in the world need to quit drinking coffee so there will be enough for me and you. They can start drinking cola or tea. If there is any left after we go home then they can start back drinking coffee.

Pastor David said...

>ontario- amen!

>Ken- I hear you!

Steve May said...

David, great blog. Thanks for sending the link in your email.

And great post. After reading it I jumped up and brewed a pot -- already my second of the day, I confess. This one is a special blend purchased on this historic Estrada Real north of Rio de Janeiro. (You neglected to mention Brasil in your list -- a tragic oversight.)

While I won't go so far as to say that I chose to do ministry in Brasil for its cafe, it certainly is one of the fringe benefits.

Pastor David said...

>steve- thanks for stopping by and commenting- my mistake on the coffee- love to try it sometime- love those kind of fringe benefits!