Friday, January 11, 2008 ????!!!!???

Annie Lobert and Heather Veitch are “Hookers for Jesus.” They are born-again Christians who used to be prostitutes in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now they are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in Las Vegas, especially women in the adult entertainment industry.

Lobert and Veitch are preparing to testify for Jesus at the Adult Entertainment Expo, the biggest adult industry convention in the country, which takes place in Las Vegas every January and is the adult movie version of the Oscars. Lobert and Veitch will be working the convention floor handing out cards and telling whoever will listen about Jesus Christ. A lot of potential listeners are available as 40,000 are anticipated to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Why the name, “Hookers for Jesus”? -- Veitch says it's catchy. She is not selling her body, but she is going into places where women do sell their bodies in order to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ came to save sinners. Pray for Lobert and Veitch as they witness for Jesus in a prominently sinful mission field. Glad God called them to this!

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