Monday, January 14, 2008

Yo dogg!- Who let the dogs in?

I preached Sunday on the Canaanite mother who came to Jesus because of a demon possessed daughter. Mt. 15:21-28. Click here to go to the Vine sermon page.

Talked about Jesus keeping silent and not answering her, how the disciples dissed her, how when Jesus answered her it was not what she wanted to hear, how He called her a dog, how she responded in worship to Him, and then how He said she had mega faith and answered her request.

Actually Jesus opened the door for her when he called her a 'different kind of dog' than the Jews used when they called the Gentiles dogs. He used 'dog' meaning a little dog, lap dog, family dog vs the scavenging mongrels so common then. It was a door that she seized upon and responded properly helping her realize the desires of her heart - her daughter delivered!

Thank God that Jesus opened the door to let the dogs (us) in!

Have you ever encountered God's silence? Or an answer from Him that was not to your liking? How did you respond to Him in that?

Remember the Canaanite mother, her mega faith and not giving up in the midst of silence, discouraging friends (the taunts of the enemy), and an answer that is not what she wanted to hear.....

...She worshipped Him all the more - and so should we!




I'm enjoying reading your blog. Blessings in your ministry.


Pastor David said...

>Trey- thank you for the response and taking time to read and comment- I appreciate your blog!