Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch Online as Souls are Brought into the Kingdom!

We are in the midst of our annual Global Missions Conference. We've done this now for the past 18 years! A responsibility of the local church is to 'Go into all the World.' I really don't understand why pastors with all their various emphases fail in this area, fail to promote and fund Global Missions. What could be more plain and a directive from Jesus Himself. If you're not, it is disobedience!

Here is a list of the missionaries that the Vine supports. They are great Men and Women of God! We are very proud of them.

Missionaries with us this year are Dirk and Elizabeth Wood (South Africa), Craig and Michelle Logan (Philippines), Brad and Jan Thurston (Germany), and Mark Ost(France). We also have a special guest Noel Elberto, a pastor from the Philippines.

Mark Ost told us last night of a website that has been started in France in a number of languages that leads people through a 6 page introduction to Christianity. At the end they can respond by becoming a Christian. They have had over 5 million hits with close to 530,000 becoming Christians! You can track is online at

Amazing, simply amazing! I am pumped! Check it out!!!

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