Monday, May 26, 2008

Freedom is Never Free-

Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Yesterday at church, I began the service with tribute to the 1.2 million men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom! I was glad to be tell the saints that Michael Allee had returned from his 3rd deployment to Iraq. I read the citation from the President of the United States for Christopher Clair upon receiving the Bronze Star after 4 deployments to Iraq.

Here is an excerpt from an email sent by Jerry West, a friend of mine:

On a recent flight home, I saw something that was impacting. On the flight from Atlanta to Orlando I saw a young Marine sergeant. I always make sure to thank them for serving. (We have a nephew who is back in Iraq.) This young Marine was in dress uniform; he thanked me for my support.

When we landed, we were told to stay seated because “Staff sergeant Gomez is escorting the body of a fallen Marine home.” When I left the plane, I stood at the window and watched the honor guard escort the flag draped casket to the hearse, to take the young man to his resting place. Sergeant Gomez stood on post, never wavering. There were at least 100 of us watching without a sound, some were crying, I know I was.

It was bittersweet. Bitter, because someones son/husband/brother was coming home in a box; Sweet, because he fought for our cause. It was my honor to watch this. I wanted to share this with you, because it brought home the great price of freedom. This Marine lost his life, Jesus gave his, and freedom will always have a price tag. Our nephew said he was going back because there is unfinished business. This is his 5th time over, last time he was sent home injured, and refused a purple heart.

Recently in our home church, a young pregnant lady and her husband from Lebanon, both born Muslims, asked Jesus to be the Lord of their lives; they wanted to know more about this Jesus. She is receiving death threats from her family, but they wanted Jesus more. Our troops are fighting for the freedom of people just like this young couple that want to know more about Jesus. It is not just about politics, it’s about freedom, true freedom.

I want to pay tribute to all those that knew freedom isn't free and were willing to give their lives to have it. I also want to say thank you to those who even now are fighting to preserve it! God Bless you and God Bless the USA!

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