Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enough Already!

Okay, enough with my election rants and commentaries! It is time to get back to the most important things- Jesus, His kingdom, and the church.

I need to lighten up a little (you think?). Maybe this will help. Some church bloopers, for real:

Two of our male pastoral staff members were out calling on people who had visited our church the previous week. When the people answered the door, the first pastor, being a little nervous and accustomed to introducing his wife, said, "Hi, I'm Mike and this is my wife, Steve." The couple they were visiting DID come back to church. (submitted by Jeff)

My Granddad once shared some information about missions during a Sunday morning service. He had arranged that a short film be shown at the end of his talk. When he was ready, he announced, "And now we are going to show the strip-film." (Meaning "film-strip" of course). There were sounds of choking laughter throughout all the congregation. (submitted by Christy)

My own blooper- it was Missions conference at the Vine a number of years ago- it was back in the days when we were still using transparency projectors. I was going to put a list of the missionaries and their support needs on the overhead. I said, "I am going to throw up on the projector a list of the missionaries." It was not until I heard someone say 'I hope not' that I realized what I said. Imagine how that 'throw up' would have looked on the big screen!

Be cool and laugh at yourself- it will keep you humble and away from pride!

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