Monday, October 13, 2008

From Shepherd to CEO? - Pt. 2

What does a shepherd do? I've heard of people asking how hard can pastoring be? All you have to do is preach once or twice a week. What do you do with the rest of your time? Golf? Tennis?

Here is a schedule of my week 10/5-10/12:

-Preached 1 year anniversary service for Impact Cowboy Church in Nacogdoches Tx.
-Drove home to Arlington.
-Stopped at hospital to visit man (Sam) in our church who had a heart attack while I was gone.

-Awakened with calls that friends of ours son and wife lost their 2 week old baby, Savannah.
-Drove to Dallas to comfort them at medical City hospital.
-Drove back to Arligton and visited Sam back by the hospital.
-Woman from church fell and broke her arm, in emergency room.

-In office doing administrative and financial work.
-Counseled a troubled marriage.
-Had staff meeting.
-Asked to do funeral of Savannah.
-Mike and Jane Bailey arrived for the week with us. He is Liberty Fellowship Church Plant director.
-Prepared for funeral.

-Drove an hour away to Frisco to do Savannah’s funeral.
-This was all day away.

-Met with Mike and Liberty Fellowship Pastor.
-Made LF calls and answered email.
-Drove to Glen Rose with the Baileys and attended Creation Science Museum.

-At hospital at 6:30am to pray with Sam and wife before his open heart surgery. They were spending the day at home- scheduled to be 5 hour surgery.
-Picked up Dr. Fred from airport, a counselor that was spending the weekend with a couple with marriage problems. To breakfast with him, checked him into hotel, then got him settled in my office for counsel
-To hospital to visit with Sam’s family and check on his progress. What was to be triple bypass for Sam ended up five.
-Out to dinner with Baileys and Dr. Fred.

-Tennis at 7am
-Went to Dallas Arboretum with Baileys.
-Home, nap, to hospital to see Sam. Talked with family.
-Out to dinner with Baileys and Dr. Fred.
-Prepared for Sunday’s message. To bed at 1am.

-Up at 5am to prepare for Sunday.
-Preached and attended church picnic.
-Home and CRASHED!

As you can see, not much going on that week. :>)

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Russell Terrell said...

I really admire you David. You are a true Shepard of the Lord and God will most definitely say "Well done" to you! Thank you for your leadership and drive.