Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Piece of Stupid!

There is a phrase, 'It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.' Loosely interpreted, it means to go ahead and do something and if it's wrong then ask for forgiveness! I recently did a big piece of stupid. Have you ever done a big piece of stupid? I had to write a note asking forgiveness to someone I had offended.

Thank you for asking about the paring note- it came at a very dark, hurtful, disheartening time in my life. I have since removed it.

I had been wondering for some time as my friends list was growing to over 400 people (on Facebook) about why some never wrote anything or corresponded on Facebook or ignored responses. I had been thinking about the downsizing for some time so that my responses could be honed to those that were interested. Your comments are duly noted and valid!

And then I took a hit- I admit my timing on this was way off and somewhat an immature attempt to cover my hurt. In hindsight I wish I had not done it- my wife and I made a pack that I will wait 3 days before writing anything or saying anything in situations like this. Good idea after the fact. You think I would learn but then I am reminded I am human and do have feelings like everybody else.

When I started deleting people I didn't know, etc. I got carried away and deleted some I shouldn't have. But there is no 'undelete' the deleted key. So I have to start the task of adding back people. Some may not want to renew with a vacillating 'clay feet' pastor.

Time will tell how big this big piece of stupid on my part will affect me and others.

Please forgive me for the offense it created for you. You know my heart and it is not in me to cut people off. You can please pray for the Lord to heal my heart and I will guard it in the future.

So I have been very candid with you...

There you have it! My confession and request for forgiveness. Fortunately it was well received and I am forgiven.

What have I learned?
1. Don't react, respond or do anything in the time of intense personal hurt and disappointment.
2. Guard your heart immediately after those offenses.
3. Don't retaliate!
4. Don't mess with Texas and Facebook! They are both big countries with intense loyalty.

Because He lives, I too can live again!


Anonymous said...

Well...interesting hmmmm. I do declare the experiment caused my heart to reflect and examine my relationships..and their shallow quality. My one fault (I'm admitting today) A gal with giftings in mercy and grace can be quite surface oriented and reactive,...but I BELIEVE we operate with very finite minds and every contact has a spiritual emphasis in the heavenlies that are productive either now or later kingdom living...we are ignorant but LOVE is a lovely covering and dear David you do so have a unigue pastors anointing that exceeds your local body...giftings are like that?! So you have an exceptional day and keep loving God's people and making us smile with your coffee...Much love to Debi...always enjoy the pics of fam. Carrol

Ed Siverson said...

Stop beating yourself up over this one. People should have read your comments, figured out you were going through something, or honored your decisions and moved on. I personally find it quite refreshing to see the human side of someone, who typically would not show that side. It makes the rest of us feel a little more normal. After all we are just sharing life together, and things like this are all part of it. So I don't see this as a big piece of stupid, and neither should anyone else. If they do they need to take a long hard look into the mirror! "WE LOVE PATOR DAVID"