Monday, April 06, 2009

Pastors Need Tennis Rackets!

Five times Roger Federer has been honored as ATP Sportsman of the Year.

Roger was playing Novak Djokovic in the Sony Ericsson Open on April 3, 2009. And it was not going well! He was playing so terribly he had lost 27 of 28 points across parts of the second and third sets. He had fallen behind 2-0 in the third and final set when he dipped a forehand into the net.

Roger uncharacteristically slammed his racket to the court. Totally demolished it! It was the sign of an total implosion!

I play tennis so I can understand the frustration he felt! Thank God for rackets!

But what does a pastor do when the tension is mounting, the hurts occur, and feelings are running amok? I was talking to a pastor friend who told me of a terrible day in the pulpit- he didn't have it that day, he missed his second point entirely. For that one sermon he was off.

But, what does a pastor do? We have no racket to smash! We implode much to our own hurt!

Pastor friend, how do you handle the disappointments, hurts, bad sermons, etc.?

I would really like to hear from you in the comments.


patricia said...

I'm not a pastor but may I say, try filling a bucket full of about fifty or so water balloons and then smash them, one at a time, hard into a brick wall somewhere, pretending each one is a hurt or disappointment! And then watch them wash away into the gutter. It may not change anything but it may release some of the stress of the job! Then rely on the prayers of those around you! We're holding up your arms! Love you

Ed Siverson said...

No don't let them grab the wheel, they'll crash the bus!
Imagine yourself driving a bus full of all your friends and family. Everyone is having a great time, singing and talking in harmony with one another, just having a great time. Meanwhile there are a few in the back of the bus who are conspiring to rush the driver and take over the steering wheel. time after time they attempt to execute thier plan, but fail, but every once in a while they manage to grab the wheel. Each time they grab the wheel the driver and the crowd in the bus overpower the few, but in spite of those times the riders always trust the driver to safeley get them to their destination. Get the point, Bus Driver! There will always be attempts, but the riders are still on the bus.

christy thomas said...

This is why people smoke! Come on I'll buy you a pack and we can smoke one together! Ha ha ha, I'm just kidding! Obviously, I'm not a pastor but thought I would let you know I am praying for you! Love ya!

hunt4christ said...

that's why I go hunting! At least that way I let the frustation go and get some meat in the freezer as well. Besides one one wants to criticize some one with a gun!