Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great services- 2_20_2011!

What a great Sunday we had last week! The worship was dynamic and the presence of God was strong. Great response from the word following worship, God will turn your tragedy into triumph!

American Gail Devers won the 100-meter dash by only 6/100 of a second over her four top competitors in 1992. Gail suffers from Grave’s disease. Just one year before she won the Olympic gold, Gail came within two days of having both feet amputated. After surviving that scare, she began to train and push herself toward her goal. Her determination and persistence won the day. Who would have thought the fastest woman in the world was the same woman who almost lost her feet! That is triumphing over tragedy!

We did have a wonderful Marriage weekend and then Debi and I shared from our own personal experience regarding marriage this past Sunday. Thank you for your kind comments and support of us. We enjoy leading you here at The Vine in all aspects of Christian living.

A little boy was looking through his grandmother's dusty old Bible when a large faded pressed leaf fell out. The little boy screamed to his mother "I just found Adam's underwear!"

Be blessed today

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