Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Lied - - A Confession!

This post sent to me was too good to pass up. If you have ever done anything with Apple, Adobe, Banks, Credit Cards,... then the following is all too familiar to you. Read and enjoy this confession! I did! DK

I must admit, I lied. I flat out, no doubt about it, lied.

Not only must I admit to that lie, but I've lied many other times too. Some of you are shocked that I would lie and brazenly admit it but if you examine yourselves you're not so pure either.

I lied to Apple.

I was downloading something from Apple and they presented me with their updated Terms and Conditions for the iTunes store. I had to check a box that said that I had read the Terms and Conditions and that I agreed to them.

It was 58 pages on my phone.

58 PAGES!!!

Everyone who has an iPhone or who downloads from iTunes has to say that they have READ and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

I am sure that some have read all 58 pages but I doubt if it is anyone you or I know. Everyone we know lied too.

The symbol of Apple is an apple with a bite out of it. I wonder where that is from? It forces everyone who downloads anything from iTunes to either spend an hour reading the Terms and Conditions the first time and every time it is updated or it forces them to become liars.

Sure, it's just a little lie. It's just a little bite out of the truth. What does a little lie matter?

I don't want to pick on Apple, other companies do it with their Terms and Conditions and EULA's (End User License Agreements) that would take a software lawyer an hour to read and understand.

You should be given three options instead of two:
1. I don't agree and thus reject this product.
2. I have read the Terms and Conditions (or EULA) and agree.
3. I haven't read it because it would take a ridiculously long time but I blindly accept whatever it says on faith that I won't get unfairly treated.

They may want to leave that unfairly treated part out since you may be treated unfairly. Other users probably want to substitute a more vulgar term for unfairly treated.

Until that third option is added, to Apple and the other companies with over a two paragraph Terms of Agreement statement, I am forewarning you, I will lie.

Pastor Nathaniel Bronner Jr.

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