Saturday, February 05, 2011

Overcome Obstacles with Courage!

A few weeks ago Brad Thurston (President of Globe Europe) preached an outstanding message on courage! The following day I took him on a tour of the Cowboy's Stadium here in Arlington (not Dallas!). It was already being prepared for Super Bowl XLV. Gone was the Dallas Cowboy's Star from midfield and the words 'Cowboys' from the end zones. I couldn't help but think as we walked the field that day that here was an arena where great feats of courage were going to be manifested!

And so is it tomorrow! The game will be played at 5.36pm. One team is going to walk away victorious and the other walk away in defeat! We will see many acts of courage demonstrated today.

Both teams got here because of a season of winning a number of battles (football games). This game today is the culmination of not giving up to achieve your life time desired results. Every player plays for the coveted Super Bowl ring and title of World Champion. It wasn't easy getting here nor will it be easy out there tomorrow. But courage will prevail and motivate!

We too have to be strong and courageous in our personal lives and spiritual walk with God! Deut. 31.6. The children of Israel had to be courageous to enter the Promised Land.

Every Promised Land has giant-sized problems, and you have to face them and defeat them before moving in and taking up residence. You can either be incapacitated by fear or overcome the obstacles with courage.

Just as the Steelers and Packers got to the Super Bowl by overcoming a season of battles, we too can be courageous and the victor through a series of small daily victories required to defeat the enemies of your Spiritual growth.

My friends, battle on to victory! (and enjoy the Super Bowl!)

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