Monday, May 28, 2007


Many years ago Debi and I were visiting a pastor friend and ministering in his church in PA. We decided to take a trip down to Washington DC. We ended up at the Vietnam War Memorial.

I was not prepared for the emotions that would eventually overtake me. As I walked the paths before me I began thinking back to the years as a US Army Drill Sergeant training troops at Ft. Jackson, SC. The faces, the lives, the young men hopefully trained to do their mission and survive!

When I made it to the Wall, I was overcome with tears as I wondered how many names on that Wall were men I had directly trained. The Wall was not just a list of names to me but valiant men and women who served their country the best they knew how. My wife began to comfort me and I finally got a grip.

Today, I honor and pray for the brave service men and women that have gone before us to give us the freedom we enjoy everyday.

God bless the USA! I am proud to be an American!

Loved ones gone to serve the country,
faithful to the call.
Some return with memories,
some don't return at all.
So varied are the reasons one
would put his life on hold;
whatever be his motive,
our respect, it should be bold.
Opinion secondary,
his service is a must
for to ensure that we can stand
and say "In God We Trust!"
One day aside for honor? Oh
but such would be a crime!
For I will live a life of gratitude
but all the time!
Branch and rank no matter--
respect be due them each.
Prayers said for every one of them,
to Heaven do they reach.
--Jim Busby

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