Friday, November 02, 2007

Funky Town happenings - -

Sonny and Cher showed up at our Fall Festival ‘Funky Town’ this past Wednesday night. Actually it wasn’t the real Sonny (deceased- had a run in with a tree while skiing) or the real Cher. It was yours truly and my lovely wife Debi. See photos to believe.

The fun began Sunday morning in both services as the lights dimmed, the announcer heralded our arrival, and we proceeded town the aisle to the tune of ‘I Got You Babe.’ Debi was stoic and cool - a true Cher and I was, well, Sonny, grinning, shaking hands, hugging the women, and making noise!

We arrived at the front where we proceeded to tell what we were there for and give the information for 'Funky Town' on Wednesday night. True to form Sonny called it ‘Monkey Town’ and was sternly corrected by Cher as she tossed her hair behind her.

Wednesday night was a great success! Thanks to Brooke, Rachel, and all the wonderful people that made it a night that our children and the neighborhood children won’t forget for a long time.

You can see more pictures on our church flickr site.

If you remember we dressed as pirates last year.


Ronni said...

That is priceless! My friend and I dressed as weird anime characters... we found these wigs and couldn't resist... i was Ronigan the Demon Slayer... lol...

link to pic:

Yeah that's tin foil... LOLOL

Pastor David said...

>ronni- I would have bought those wigs too- nice! LOL

April G said...

Hi Pastor David! When you said in service that Sonny and Cher showed up I didn't know that it was you and Debbie! Those costumes were awesome!! Wish I was there!