Thursday, November 15, 2007

Satan’s Beatitudes!

If the devil were to write his beatitudes they would probably go something like this:

* Blessed are they who are too tired and busy to go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, for they are my best workers.

* Blessed are they who are bored with the minister’s mannerism and mistakes, for they get nothing out of his sermon.

* Blessed is the church member who expects to be invited to his own church, for he is part of the problem instead of the solution.

* Blessed are they who gossip, for they cause strife and divisions that please me.

* Blessed are they who are easily offended, for they soon get angry and quit.

* Blessed are they who do not give their tithes and offerings to carry on God’s work, for they are my best workers.

* Blessed are they who profess to love God, but hates his brother, for he shall be with me forever.

* Blessed are the trouble-makers, for they shall be called the children of Satan.

* Blessed are the complainers, for I am all ears to them .

Pastor, how many of these people have you pastored?

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