Wednesday, November 28, 2007



This is a dreaded word for a pastor but one that he hears all too often.

1: not approachable: physically inaccessible
2: discouraging intimacies

Granted there are times when dealing with the presence of God or your own personal issues (that no one seeming even cares about or recognizes) that one may be unapproachable; i.e. Moses on Mt. Sinai.

But let’s face it that is the exception rather than the rule. We as pastors are in the approaching business, if we don’t want to be then we need to go live in a Monastery or better yet, get out of the ministry. God is an approachable God and He expects His servants to be too.

So if our heart is pure why do we continually hear those words?

  1. We are sending signals all the time – people are receiving the signals we are sending. So we have to be careful what we are sending. That is more than words: body language, gestures, eyes, time, and responses. It is a stacked deck.

  2. But then there are those times when people don’t even try to approach you that they use the ‘unapproachable phrase’ as a cop out for not dealing with problems. These are the hardest times when you are surprised to find out that you are when they have made no effort to approach you. But, in their mind, you are bound to the dungeon of inapproachability. It is set in concrete and you just have to suck it up because their mind is made up.

Regardless, you just live with another wound that will eventually heal, become a scar, which will forever remain as a reminder of the dreaded ‘unapproachable curse.’


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Ronni said...

I don't think anyone should ever say a pastor is unapproachable until they have 1. Invited them for coffee 2. emailed them and seen if they got a response or a canned form letter from an assistant or 3. actually approached them and asked them to lunch.

My pastors... even in my former church... very approachable. Busy... but approachable...

I think most people use that as an excuse to not get out of their comfort zone and start a relationship with someone. I've known a few unapproachable types... but they are not the standard... if Pastors were not interested in people, they wouldn't go through what they do to serve them, and trust me, we as a body give them plenty to deal with!