Saturday, June 21, 2008

My House Will be His House! Pt 3-

3. He had a plan for his family. Being priest of the family is not enough. The Godly father must also have a plan for the spiritual life of his loved ones. Joshua said, “…we will serve the Lord.”

A father must strive with God’s help for family unity. When Joshua spoke his voice rang with the sound of unity: “me and my house.” There was togetherness. And I believe that the reason that unity was there was due to his Godly character, his example. His faith was genuine, authentic and as a result his family said, in essence, “Whatever you say, dad, we will agree.

Joshua was determined at least to establish a spiritual oasis with his family. In such an oasis, spiritual giants are grown.

The family will usually follow the parent, especially the father. Someone has said, “A boy loves his mother, but will follow his father."

There is a touching story about a humble, consecrated pastor whose young son had become very ill. After the boy had undergone an exhaustive series of tests, the father was told the shocking news that his son had a terminal illness. The youngster had accepted Christ as his Savior, so the minister knew that death would usher him into Glory; but he wondered how to inform one in the bloom of youth that he soon would die. After earnestly seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit, he went with a heavy heart through the hospital ward to the boy’s bedside.

First he read a passage of Scripture and had a time of prayer with his dear child. Then he gently told him that the doctors could promise him only a few more days to live. "Are you afraid to meet Jesus, my boy?" asked his devout father. Blinking away a few tears, the little fellow said bravely, "No, not if He’s like you, Dad!"

Dad's, let's strive to be the best!

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preacherman said...

I want you know I love this series. It has been helpful and full of wonderful information. David I enjoyed your blog and have added it to my favs.
Keep up the great work and God bless your ministry as you serve Him and make a difference in the Kingdom.