Friday, May 08, 2009

Never Ever Shake a Baby!

"On Monday, April 20th, 2009, Noah, our five month-old son, was shaken by his daycare provider. Though the road ahead remains uncertain, and the tragedy of our story is undeniable, we have created Noah’s Road as an instrument of hope. Please share this website with your friends and ask your friends to share it with theirs. Help us harness the healing power of love and prayer to help our son – our heart and our breath – to heal."

Today my blog is a tribute to Noah and his fight for life and to his parents, Michael and Erin Whitmer, as they stand watch over their son.


This Mother's Day I am praying for Erin, Michael, and Noah!

Please join with me!

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David - thanks for you post. It rocked me a little this morning. I have been a volunteer paramedic in my past, and quite possibly the most painful, haunting memory I have from all my service was that of a shaken baby.