Monday, May 04, 2009

Surprise! Gotcha!!!!!

It was a typical Sunday morning except we had set up the sanctuary for a church picnic. Lots of rain had forced us inside. But it was exciting!

I began the service as usual, opening song, I came forward and began to explain to guests the unusual setup, then prayed...and sometime during the prayer I lost control of the service. When I opened my eyes the congregation had on birthday hats and were blowing party whistles...Surprise! My 60th birthday is next week May 10th, Mother's Day. They decided to celebrate a week early!

So there I was totally surprised! I didn't see this coming! They pulled off the most amazing 'Gotcha' I have ever seen.

This had been in the works for 6 weeks or so, spear headed by my clever (howbeit somewhat deceiving staff), and the entire congregation knew it and kept it from me-the Silver Edition, my father-in-love Harry, the children, the animals- were all quiet about it.

They showed a video of my life-amazing how fast 60 years passes one by; my friend Danny Tice greeted me with kind words and then a tennis walker for future years of tennis; and my son Ryan spoke words that encourages a dad.

It was a great day with Texas BBQ, my wife's outstanding Potato Salad, cake, cupcakes, gifts, and especially, wonderful, encouraging, and supportive friends!

I think as I've gotten older I have become more trusting, naive, gullible, and easily deceived... or maybe I have always been that! I wonder!!!!


Iris said...

What a delightful surprise. Kudos to your staff and family!!!

Anonymous said...

Pat said ... It was a wonderful day but Pastor you are neither naive or gullible. Trusting, yes, you are very trusting. And so for the deceitfulness and the fib or two that we used to pull it off - please forgive us! ha but there is no one more deserving of blessing and a party than you! Enjoy the rest of your "BIrthday week"!. We love you