Thursday, July 16, 2009

Need of a Miracle!

This is an update on my last post- we now have more info, and it is not what we expected. It may take longer than we originally expected!

On a personal note I need your prayers and encouragement. On Saturday Jason and Lina were coming back in to the country from Costa Rica after visiting her parents for her birthday, Lina was detained, treated as a criminal, and sent back to Costa Rica. Here is Jason's response:

Last weekend as we were entering the country from vacation in Costa Rica with Lina’s family, Lina was detained by U.S. Customs, and returned to Costa Rica because of Visa issues. There is much paperwork and petitioning to be done for her to be able to return. This separation is not without pain. Both of our hearts are broken because of the fact of being a part. But we both know that the attitude of our hearts are what God is looking at this very moment. He is looking at our heart response in this very moment, and I can confidently say our hearts can stand before him at this very moment and say "I am not offended, God. I love you even in this moment. Even in the pain, I am not offended at You, nor am I offended at the government system. Your ways are perfect and I trust You." We thank Him for the grace to walk through this little trial, and know His banner over us is love. This might take sometime to resolve the issues and bring her home, but we believe through prayer, she will be here sooner than we can imagine. This light affliction is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Thank you for continuing to pray for us in this time.
We too are devastated as this could be a long process in trying to get her back to the USA and us. Estimates that we are being told is 6 mos to a year. That is totally unacceptable. We are asking God for a miracle. Please join with us and pray for us all, especially Jason and Lina.

What God has joined together let no man (or government) put asunder!


Denise said...

We continue to stand with you in prayer, David & Debi, Jason & Lina.
God will move on your behalf...He is ever Faithful....

Ronni said...

This just breaks my heart. You guys have been in my prayers and will continue to be until she is brought home!!!

steveguate said...

Our prayers and love are with you as "suffering with you" and with all our "immigrant family" who suffer injustices and mistreatment all over the world. We praise Jesus for His brilliant light reflected through Jason in this situation. His surrender and invitation to Jesus to do all it takes to glorify His name will be a memorial for their marriage and home for future generations. We love you and are with you in Jesus. Steve and Helen