Monday, July 13, 2009

When the System Breaks Down!

For 9 hours on Saturday countless murders took place, illegal aliens crossed our borders, drug smugglers applied their vicious death, terrorists killed and maimed, Guantanamo detainees enjoyed the graciousness of the United States, and one terrified 23 year old girl was treated rudely as if she was the catch of the day by US Immigration officials!

Saturday and Sunday were very eventful days for Jason and Lina. They had gone to Costa Rica to spend her birthday with her family. Upon returning to DFW Airport, she was suddenly taken away without even one chance to say anything to Jason because of a visa issue. She was held for 9 hours and treated as if she were a criminal by immigration officials. She was scared and they were extremely rude to her. After a shift change a female agent pulled some strings and she was let go to be with Jason overnight. She collapsed in tears into Jason, Harry's and Arleen's arms. She was sent back to Costa Rica on Sunday.

Today, she and her dad begin the lengthy process of applying for the correct US visa so that she can be reunited to Jason and her US family.

How do I feel? Anybody have a brick? But, I got this email about the situation that brought comfort and perspective in the situation. It's from Laura Long Rankhorn, one of our great youth pastor's wife in Liberty Fellowship. Please read:

This morning Pastor Ernie was preaching from a passage in Exodus. I underlined a sentence because it spoke to me and when I read your status I felt like I should pass it to you.

Exodus 14:4 says, "I will make Pharaoh so stubborn that he will pursue them. Then, because of what I do to Pharaoh and his entire army, I will receive honor, and the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord." It hit me that sometimes God can lead us to a point or we can find ourselves in a position where we feel trapped, helpless, and hopeless. Sometimes as in the case of Pharaoh- God was the reason he pursued the Israelites. I'm going to pray that now that you all are in the position of trapped, helpless, and hopeless that God will use this situation to show people that He is the Lord and that Lina can add this to her testimony of how God has done miraculous things in her life. I know nothing about the situation, but I do feel like God wants to give you a peace that everything is going to be ok.

Please know that JC and I will be praying for this situation. We will be praying for Lina and Jason and the two of you- that God will minister to your hearts and give you His peace, and that you all can sit back and be spectators at an awesome fireworks show of miracles.
Love you all so very much,

We are positioned for a miracle! Thank you Laura and others that are praying!

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