Monday, September 17, 2007

Influencing the Next Generation and Beyond -

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Boy, am I pumped! We did our annual Teacher's Appreciation Day (our 4th one) yesterday. We invite City Council members, School Board members , and of course public school teachers. We spend the service blessing the teachers. Platform decorations are a classroom setting, I preach a message for the teachers (you can hear it here), we give them gift certificates to Mardel's and then have a reception for them afterwards.

We begin weeks before by sending them a gift basket for the Teacher's lounge as they return to school; then a huge tub filled with popcorn, candy corn, and nuts (tastes like a Payday candy bar); and special invitations to join us for that Sunday Service. We pray for those that attend during the year and send them cards of appreciation periodically.

Here is an email from one of our guests:

Dear Pastor David,

I wanted to thank you for honoring teachers and for the gift card I received. I was the guest of Joanna Windle who I work with at Foster Elementary. Hearing all the praises for teachers made me truly feeling blessed that I do touch children every day. I was inspired by your comments about influence. I will remember the phrase you shared-"Influence leaves impressions for life."

Again thank you and all you members of the Vine Fellowship for honoring teachers..

Kathleen Marantino

Slide from sermon PowerPoint

This is just another way that we keep outreach focused to impact every strata of our community.

I love 'Teacher's Appreciation Day!'

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