Sunday, September 23, 2007

Way Cool Wife and Mom!

My wife celebrated her birthday today, Sep. 23! She is lovely and the delight of my life.

During vacation this year, thanks to Jimmy Britnell loaning us his Wii game, we had a great time playing the sports on it. Believe it not, Debi, never the video game fan, said she would like to have one!

So the other day when I was asking her what she wanted- she blurted out a Wii game! Do you know how hard they are to get? After a trip to Wal-mart, Game Stop, and Target- all to no avail, I called a friend who manages a Blockbuster. He said they are difficult to get, but if one came in that day he would call me.

I prayed this prayer, "God you know how faithful Debi is to the Kingdom of God, surely you could get her a Wii." Was that wrong?

Well, Clay called and he didn't get one in his store but a store closer to me did. He had them hold it for me, I got there quick, they hadn't even opened their shipment, but did as I waited, and I bought it. It was a family gift from Jason, Ryan, Charity and me. We gave it to her last night.

We played all evening- way cool- Debi is way cool! I love you dear.

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Jungle Mom said...

She is lovely! I enjoy reading of your family.